A look back on the past decade

I spent some time in Michigan this year. I enjoyed a lot of family time, especially as aunt to Khloe and Kaden. It wasn't long before I needed to get back to work and so I started my search for a new Alaskan teaching adventure!


I moved to the Arctic (Barrow, Alaska) to teach elementary school and to learn as much as I could about what was happening at the top of our world. 


Loving photography, I began taking daily photos and posting them online to educate friends/family about life in the Arctic. I also continued my efforts to authentically connect students with their home and other parts of the world.


Shadowing Arctic scientists became a favorite past time of mine. I enjoyed learning about the work they do and tried to authentically connecting  my students with their projects.


I started taking photos and posting about the beauty of living through Polar Night, in the Arctic, 67 days without the sun. I was interviewed by multiple news stations, papers, and more. As a result, I was contacted by over 1,000 educators to help connect their classrooms with the Arctic. I was even contacted by a Discovery Channel. 


My Arctic Adventures Begin

My little Bro.

Odyssey Discovery
  Kirsten Alburg

I spent this year exploring the Arctic, continuing to teach, taking photos, and working to connect educators with the top of the world. Pandemic hit. 


Coming out of the pandemic, I really missed my family, so I made the decision that after 20 wonderful years living/teaching all over Alaska, It was finally time to go home. I moved back to the Great Lakes and a new adventure began!


This is when I made it my goal to really focus on my health/wellness and began sharing what I learned during my time at the top of the world, with other educators. I launched and hosted my first few educator trips to the Arctic. They were a success!


This was the year I became very passionate (and serious) about working to authentically connecting other educators with the Arctic and other amazing wild places. Odyssey Discovery was born. 


Now, I am making it my goal to explore, connect, and share about the Great Lakes as well as the Arctic . Here is to  creating more "experiences" and online content that help to authentically connect other educators to wild/natural parts of the world. I hope you'll join me!


Thank You Alaska

Mom, my biggest  fan