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Hello, I'm Kirsten and I'm passionate about helping to authentically connect educators with wild and natural places, especially the North. I've lived and explored many beautiful locations throughout the world, and have spent 20+ years of my life teaching in Alaska and the Arctic. My life experiences improved my ability to authentically connect my students with these natural places, increasing their interest in learning through real world experiences, partnerships & projects. My goal is to simply help other educators, like you, do the same.  After all, I do believe that the world is our greatest classroom, don't you?

Thank you for being here! I look forward to sharing this odyssey in discovery together!    

 Your friend,,


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Arctic Odyssey
Digital Course  

 This awesome digital course teaches how to authentically connect YOU, your students and your school to the magic of the Arctic. I've included resources, interviews, projects and advice from Arctic experts and scientists PLUS much more!

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We are working to authentically connect schools & educators with real projects, scientists, experts, and organizations studying our Arctic places via our new program called ArcticED Connect.  Please join our email newsletter for updates. 

ArcticED Connect

Le'st Get Wild Together

It's so much fun that it just might encourage you to get a little WILD yourself! 

I specialize in Connecting YOU
authentically to WILD  places like the Arctic & Alaska!

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Learn what its really like to teach in Alaska and discover how you can get your dream job and experience it yourself!

Teaching in Alaska is Wild

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