I'm an educator, explorer, EDventurer, digital course coach, photographer, storyteller, and healthy living fan who believes you've gotta build your dreams from the inside out

hi, I'm Kirsten

In fact, 23 years ago, I was a bright eyed new educator excited to be on the greatest adventure of my life. I went directly from my little college in Portland, OR to an Island in the middle of the Bering Sea, Alaska.  When I landed in the village of Savoonga, in our little bush plane, my new co-teachers and I were in awe of new Siberian Yupik culture that surrounded us. That's when this cute little boy from the village walked up to us. He looked at us for a minute and then tugged on my shirt. I looked at him and with a smile he asked, "So do you know what you are looking at?" I smiled back and responded  "No, what?" He said "National Geographic, Live!" then he laughed and walked away.  It was really funny. We all laughed because that is exactly how we felt.  I'm proud to say, I'm still in touch with that little boy.  That experience, and the 20 years that I have spent educating throughout Alaska/Arctic, has changed the way I think about "education" and how important  "experiences" are to impacting lives, as well as learning.  I learned so much about the cultures of Alaska, and myself, by visiting and living within them. I just want that for YOU, for all kids, and for every learner on the planet.  

I didn’t always have this business, Website, or trips for educators, or online courses.  

I'm a small town Michigan photographer, educator, Alaska/Arctic explorer, author, and podcaster with dreams to positively impact the lives of educators+students through promoting EDventure Travel (education+adventure travel), Dream Funding and Healthy Living.

Providing more opportunities for students to EDventure travel is my objective with Odyssey Kids. Odyssey Discovery is to support my fellow educators like YOU to follow and fund your EDventure travel dreams and lives. I want to help you take care of YOU and encourage  you to recharge (become re-inspired)  by EDventuring into the world more.  I truly believe that travel and experiencing the world first hand as educators has a positive impact on our health/wellness and in serving/educating our students.

Additionally, I encourage you to view your camera as your greatest learning tool on your travels. By passionately sharing authentic experiences, via photos, video, vivid digital storytelling, and connections, you are opening the world and making content come alive, for a child sitting in a classroom.  I once had a student that told me "You know what Ms. A? School is like jail. I have to be here when I want to be on a trip to western Alaska learning to hunt caribou with my dad."  Yes, some classroom time is needed but  let's break down the walls of the classroom as much as we can.  I really do believe that the WORLD truly is our greatest classroom.

Then I hit this really Pivotal moment where i wanted to do something that would inspire me, include my passion for photography, and encourage authentic learning experiences. 

I adopted one of my former students and Get to be momma To This Incredible guy! So proud!  

My Son John

I desire to authentically support you:
Your EDventure travel,
your dreams,
your health and total wellness,
your goals and...Your Life!

I look forward to our Odyssey together! 

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Want to know what lights me up?

Helping educators harness the power to take control of their lives and their health. Busting the myth that we can't take time for ourselves while being there for our students. Redefining the role of "travel" and "experiencing" has within our lives and education. 

Currently, I’m probably sipping tea and dreaming of ways we can all get from where we are to where we want to be.

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"I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."

— Kirsten Alburg


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